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hope you had a nice week til now :) Just one more day and we can enjoy the weekend.

Lately I want to practice a bit, sketch around and make some doodles but instead of drawing my own guys I thought about to offer it to you.
So if you're interested in some sketchy portraits of your OCs, come in and shoot them at me!

- You don't need to be my watcher - feel free to watch me if you like afterwards :)
- You don't need to advertise in any way but may do so if you like

- just post me a link to your OC's ref you would like to see from me
- post as much OCs as you like
- no 'first come first serve' - I'm picking whatever I like or want to do the most at the moment. If there are more persons posting than expected please don't be sad if I'm not picking yours.
- headshots or fullbodies, but only sketches with slight shading - no colour // no background (except there's an idea chasing my mind I really want to draw)


- all kinds of animals / creatures - I'm best at drawing wolfs, dragons, snakes, birds and reptiles / dinosaurs but always try to draw everything and improve
- humanoids - but I'm not good at drawing Furries
- characters interacting with each other


- NSFW / gore
- no fanart
- no comic style or chibis
- no undead characters / skeletons etc.

Since it's only meant to be a little practice don't expect it to become too spectacular.
I'm likely to start at the weekend. Currently there's no deadline for this journal. Sketches will be uploaded in batches.


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today I took the chance and want to feature a near and dear friend of mine. Due to her latest artwork I just had to.

SpiritTrack is both a digital and a traditional artist. She's using Photoshop or Sai and makes awesome artworks with watercolour or Polychromos.
Plus she's a very awesome writer and right about to publish her first book "Calini" (at this moment available in German only). The story takes place in the future of Earth when an unknown species came down to Earth and nearly destroyed the human race. Sounds like an allday book - but it is totally not.
Learn more about the story and the characters following her art and updates!

Although she's eager to work on handmade things. Whether figures of Fimo, jewelry or crocheted soft toys, her gallery's worth some minutes of your time.


Story related artworks

Out On Flight by SpiritTrack Calini's VIPs - You could meet on hangar 2... by SpiritTrack

Mature Content

Crashed - Survived by SpiritTrack
I'm your navigator by SpiritTrack

Other artwork

Winterforest by SpiritTrack always the same by SpiritTrack Goldfish Pond by SpiritTrack 10 Years~ by SpiritTrack


Crochet: Albino Nightfury by SpiritTrack Eeveelutions by SpiritTrack Pearly beaded jewelry by SpiritTrack Resting Flame Niover by SpiritTrack

And these are just a few works. Go and give her some love!

Thanks and

Winddancer ~
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I made my way to Instagram this very moment! Find me there as winddancer_lor and check out for WIPs and alternate photos.
Currently I uploaded the WIPs and an alternate photo for White Thunder there.

Feel free to follow and see the whole process of a picture before its final version comes to deviantArt.

For the ones curious about the next steps - the following picture will be finally something personal, right from my headworld.
The last years I haven't shown very much of my own characters and my headworld but this'll change. Hope to get some refs finished within the next weeks so you guys may learn more about Lor and his world. As well as I need to get my commission pricelist ready and my dA-profile looking a bit more... "more". Step by step.

For the ones not knowing til now - I'm writing my book I'll publish latest end of 2018. For this matter you'll see some pictures related to that as well.

At least wish y'all happy Easter - even if it's nearly gone. Hope you had some calm days!
Stay tuned.

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Edit: Thanks to dear Ischalik Core-Membership came suddenly in like a punch in my face. Thank you!
So here we go with the first step forward - the new username. Only few people will really know what it means to me leaving the old name behind and going on with "Winddancer" which described me already for some years now. But don't worry, it's the same Lor as always. He didn't lost any of his forenames, they're just not shown in the username anymore :)
Next step will be the Instagram Account within the next days.



hope y'all got safe over All fools day without being fooled too much :)

I wanted to let you know my progresses and such things - for those who aren't able to follow me on other sites.
At the moment I'm working on a map commission and a tattoo commission right before I can get back to my AT part I'm doing with Vampyra-Drake. Since both commissioners don't want their works to be shown you won't see anything of it here (except they change their mind). The next seeable picture will be the AT, though.

My job got calmer lately and besides sports I found more time for art and, even more important, writing. Since a good friend reminded me of what I really wanted est. more than 15 years ago I started writing again and won't stop before finishing and bringing it to a publishing company.
At the same time I realised how important it is for me to become a freelancer somewhen. Both "jobs" are things I will strive for whatever comes. When I was younger, not even finished school, I dreamed about being able to live from only drawing and writing. Some years later I... kinda abandoned it all. Thinking it was impossible or too difficult to reach. I'm ashamed today of this behaviour but it wasn't the first time I did such things. That's why I'm eager to not let it fade this time. Not again. With my new theme "Live your dreams. Never stop trying." I got finally all the energy and will to go on for what I want. For what I dream of.
Even if that means to stop with other loved things like playing pc games (online or offline). It's maybe sad but I see clearly at my self-set priorities and know it's not a bad thing.

So let's see how I'm able to integrate drawing in my full everyday life. Most days from Monday to Friday I got only 1,5 - 2h left free time and am not willing to start drawing with this little amount but in order to get more art finished besides writing I'll have to.

There will be some new things within the next days and weeks for you:
- I want to activate an Instagram-account for WIPs so you may have a look on them without me posting too much of sketches and WIPs here on dA. (As soon as it's online I'll let you know here in my journal.)
- In order to change my long outdated username on dA and to design my profile more sufficient I want to get a Core-membership.
- Finally I need to finish a commission pricelist so you guys will know without asking what artwork from me will cost.

And now back to work.
Have a nice Sunday and stay tuned!

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still not that active lately as I wanted to - my job surprised me with some extra work and when it was not stealing my time, it stole my nerves. Well, now things got better and I'm back at drawing again.

Speaking with a friend about dreams and wishes for life I came up with something I wanted when I was younger. That includes being more successful with commissions. Yes, most of the artists want to take commissions and are happy about it when they got many commissioners, that's nothing new.
So I was watching other artists (both, the more unknown and nearer friends) and realised what I'm not able to do/draw. What they can better or what looks much better than what I'm doing. I'm not the type for self-doubts but looking at what they're doing reminds me why I'm drawing or what I want my pictures to tell other people. At least I'm still believing (and hoping) there are some people out there who like my art and the way it is - the way I am.
I'm hoping to bring some smiles into the world with my art. That's enough I think. I don't need to be famous or such things - if there are few people who like to see new art from me, that's enough for me.

Pushing self-doubts away, I'm facing my artworks again and want to improve, step by step. Like I did in the past - I'll do in the future.

Really a deep thanks to everyone watching me and following my works that far! You're awesome, guys :) Please stay with me and encourage me to go on.

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First of all, a happy new year to y'all, hope you got in 2017 without any problems :)

It's been two months now that my move's finished but there are still cartons standing around in some rooms. Nevertheless we like our new flat very much - and I'm happy to be able to close a door and be alone to hear my music at a volume I like without disturbing anyone. That doesn't mean it's very loud but you know, two persons, two different musics and sounds from pcs, that's exhausting in the long run.

When thinking about new good intentions for the year I had to think about the one from 2016 of drawing more, at least one picture per month. Don't need to say that I failed on this one. And it would be meaningless to simply say "2017 will be better!" so I'm right off to kick my own ass and stop complaining 'bout all the things I didn't do and which made me angry.
There are many things I complained and moaned about. Things and character traits I've lost, things I didn't do even if I badly wanted to - I cried out on a walk in the forest near our flat yesterday and simply thought "What are you doing, silly? Just stop whining and get on doing, idiot.".
That's the only intention I'll take on for 2017. It's a good moment to start with such things. My first and most important words are "set priorities". And that I'll do. Once and for all.

So let me give a short view about some upcoming things of january:
1.) finish "A lovely Afternoon" [Aion]
2.) AT with Eiswolf-Zero // Her part is already finished: AT - Lor by Eiswolf-Zero
3.) colour "Finally..." [Personal]
4.) to be continued :)

I need to thank everyone who's following me here and watching what I'm drawing. THANKS!
Please stay with me in the new year, too, and stay tuned!

Your winddancer,
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For all the ones stalking me only on dA, I thought it would be nice to tell you some things.

I finished my apprenticeship back in June and am very happy with my new job I found in March thanks to my former boss from my internship who knew someone searching for new people. So I changed the internship for the last months til my exams and started working there when I finished them.
It's just the job and company I ever dreamed of - human, friendly, they appreciate what I'm doing and the salary is very good. After all these years of believing in my dreams I'm simply happy they came true at least.
Thank you, God!

But by now, not everything's over - I need to move to my new home/flat (it took my partner and me some months to finally find a flat...) so even if I found back to my drawing and am happy that I can draw again, the next weeks time makes itself scarce. We'll look for new furniture, need to buy and furnish a whole kitchen, get a new big bed for two persons, and so on. The tiny things that come up when two persons move from two flats to one together.
Need to say - I like our new flat! It's the first one I've ever seen (and got) that has not one balcony, but three of them. Three! It's a dream. One to the East, the South and the West - we'll have the sun the whole day.
The most important - my big desk will be back. At the moment it's still standing in the old flat but I'm looking forward to more drawing space when the move is finished.

At the moment I'm working on an artwork to my Aion FF. I'm "writing" this story since 3.5 years now (but there's no written version of it) and the OCs became near and dear. So after I decided to finally bring them to paper, I'm thrilled to be able to do so. One or two years ago it was a clear thing I would never do that due to personal things with other people (and it made me very sad). But some months ago we talked 'bout everything and the path cleared. Now I'm free to draw them in any way I want to - I maybe don't need to say how happy I am at least.
So be prepared for some Aion related pictures in the near future!
But for personal pieces with the OCs of my headworld as well. Gifts, Requests or Arttrades will be done as well, of course. However after I paid not much attention to my dearest OCs, the personal pieces have more priority. (And they desperately need new refsheets, Jesus...)

That's it for now.
When I settled everything (or did it in the best way) I'll try to open up commissions as well.
Of course you can feel free to ask for one now, too, but I want to upload a list with prices and examples when I get the time to do it.
(Requests are still for friends only, or if I ask you if I may draw one of your characters cause I like him/her that much.)

Bye for now and stay tuned,

your Winddancer
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Tagged by Windspirit-Aquaeris


1. Post these Rules
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters. - I won't tag anyone :)
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars.

Lor Dedraline

1. His full name is Lor Coru Limlug Astarioth Dedraline. It's a custom among Krasáns to give twins four first names - that's why Lor has four.
2. His elements are wind (as normal to every Krasán), fire and light.
3. He's over 1500 years old.
4. He's the leader of the Dedraline-Clan after he killed his father in a fight of honour. This Clan is the third one in the ranking of all Krasáns.
5. His family, pack and friends are more important to him than his own life. That's why he risks it everytime it's needed to make sure they're safe.
6. Even if a Krasán is neutral, two kingdoms/kings need to repay him a favour.
Past facts:
7. After he had to witness the death of his master who teached him how to fight with a sword, he lost all his memory and became a slave of a human thief. Some years later he surpassed him and made his own way as a master in the big city.
8. His wife waited 1000 years for him to return and never beared him a grudge.

Lar Dedraline

1. Her full name is Lar Limua Otàl Déja'li Dedraline. She's Lors twinsister.
2. In the first years of her life she didn't knew she had a brother cause it's told twins would guard each other no matter what. Since both are very powerful their father decided to seperate them. But they found each other very fast.
3. Her elements are wind and water. She can use her water skills to heal people.
4. She has a brother complex and is still single cause she loves her brother too much to have interest in a friend/mate.
5. She's lesbian/bisexual and stayed long time together with her sister Danaan as mates. (That's a longer story but to cut it short it's neither a crime amongst this culture nor since Krasáns are due to evolution not able to make incest it's simply okay. And - two women can't get children together anyway :P )
6. Lar really likes to play with men while these are interested in her/flirting with her. But she's never cruel.
7. She loves it to sing or dance with her brother.
8. She's with heart and soul a tailor and designes and creates every clothes her friends and family are wearing.

So, hope you're satisfied, Windspirit-Aquaeris :)
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And that's already enough with these formal thingies.

Normally I'm not the one having such things like New year's resolution but this year it's something different. Some times I could have gone enrage thinking bout all the pictures I wanted to do and didn't do last year. That includes personal art as much as gifts and selfmade requests (means, I asked some people wether I could draw their characters cause I really like them/their design).
So I decided it would be a good moment to set some goals. My New year's resolution is to draw at least one picture per month. Somewhen I want to get the primary goal "one picture per two weeks" but for now, one per month is okay.

So I'm starting with the christmas gifts I didn't finish for christmas 2015. The next four pictures will be these gifts and even if I don't stress myself out about it (it's too late either way) I want to finish them asap.

Hope y'all got unharmed into the new year and made your resolutions as well ;)

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Hm, at first I didn't wanted to do this but it took me just right now, so yes.

1. How long have you been on DeviantArt? 
Dunno but my profile says 7 years.

2. What does your username mean?
It's somewhat of an ancient relict - the first three names of my persona and the old age he got years ago which isn't correct.

3. Describe yourself in three words.
happy, free, optimistic

4. Are you left or right handed?
Right handed.

5. What was your first deviation?
I started drawing back in 2003 or earlier. My first deviations aren't online anywhere. It were sketches I made during school, or coloured pictures at home. Back then I put them on my wardrobe or my wall in my room if I really liked them.
My first drawing uploaded here was: Kleine Sternblume by Winddancer-Lor from 02/27/2011

6. What is your favourite type of art to create?
only traditional

7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
Nothing cause I'm satisfied with my Polychromos and I'll stay at this style.

8. What was your first favourite?
No manners, Ed? XD by ShinyLemming At dA, a VERY old picture of an old friend of mine XD She resisted on that she can't draw (still today) and so I pushed her to try it a bit. In this time I was FFA fan so she've chosen these two boys here.

9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
Depends on the artist, the feeling inside the picture and wether there's "heart" in it. There exist many well drawn pictures that don't attract me cause they're... yeah, somewhat empty.

10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
That's a very difficult question... And I can't choose just one. But the best of my list are
NukeRooster  TwilightSaint  Thalbachin  AlviaAlcedo  drachenmagier
There're many more I like.

11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
Well I'm not this "idol-type", but it would be very interesting to meet Thalbachin or Mondfalke  I think :)

12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
The person who needs to be here is of course SpiritTrack  - the one who helped me out the most of all, wether in life or in drawing things. Thank you!
Many ideas came from her (or the starting of one I thought of later) or when we worked together.

13. What are your preferred tools to create art?
Only my Polychromos (…), need nothing else.
And of course for some things scissors and a white gel pen ;)

14 What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
I don't need a place, a time or anything else. When I'm thinking about an idea it just comes to me and takes form in my head. But music is also a very nice help for inspiration or the impulse to start/continue something.

15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
Hm... There's nothing special. Maybe these moments when I'm getting commissions I've waited for :) And than jumping of my chair and running through the room like a hyperactive something. (Sometimes it's really like that.)
It was the case with:
Follow the Water by NukeRooster  Comish - Over Icy Peaks by TwilightSaint (Two commissions I've dreamed of for long time)

And without the jumping part but with many joy:
.:: Gift - Desert of Dreams ::. by Windspirit-Aquaeris

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Seems my last entry is about two years old... What the f**.

The last weeks I'm again working on my big - I call it project - Aion picture. Din A3 and with many details and background. Even I'm in the mood of continueing, other things need more attention at the moment. My new apprenticeship tooks many of the free time I was used to have before but it's okay and after nearly three months I can handle that :)
And next weekend I'm going to Kassel (Germany) one more time - yes, Connichi is right about to come, even if I haven't realised yet. Because of that, I'm working on my Cosplay instead of drawing - hell, I really would like to do both but day still has just 24h. Monday til Friday even less cause of sittin' around in a classroom and learnin' 'bout freight forwarding and such things ^^

So when everything's over and I'm done with "tinkering around" with clothes, I want to do much more art, especially personal things, OCs and so on, cause I neglected them for long time now... But every day they give me new strength I think about that I've forgotten something important. Like I thought of many many years ago:
"When you're old, will you be like all the adults and forget about dreaming, forget about yourself and what give you strength to move forward, what makes you smile from time to time?"
No, I won't. I was close to, that's right. But when I remembered my younger me, I turned and said No.

That's for you, too. Don't forget about your dreams and yourself, loosing mind in this busy society. Doesn't matter if you're twenty or fourty years old. Cause life is too beautiful for forgetting to live :)

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Welcome to all new watchers, welcome for all old friends here - thank you for following again! As I said in one of the picture descriptions, I'll try to upload more from now on.
Many pictures came only into my blog for some few people.

Something tortering me for very long is now gone and I'm looking towards the future, without him. Without any gilded chains and cages, I'm free now.

Bestenfalls habe ich ab Dezember, frisch nach Ende meiner Krankschreibung, wieder einen Ausbildungsplatz und kann dann entspannt weitermachen wie noch September :)
Erst einmal bin ich gerade unterwegs noch bis Donnerstag und lasse mir dann meinen Finger vom Arzt absegnen. Ab 03.12. geht's ins Probearbeiten.

So viel. Spaß und Erfolg allen, wir lesen uns :)

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Morgen findet mein Umzug statt und danach bin ich diese Sorge auch los, sodass ich mit allen Teilen meines Kopfes in die Ausbildung und die nächsten zwei Jahre starten kann.

Am wichtigsten aber für euch - mein Schreibtisch ist dann wieder in greifbarer Nähe! Bislang hielten mich Arbeit und Tischlosigkeit etwas vom Zeichnen ab, jedoch halte ich mich dann ran und sehe zu, aufzuarbeiten und überhaupt wieder etwas hochzuladen. Eine fast fertige Skizze wartet schon eine ganze Weile *seufz*

Erst einmal morgen schaffen ;) Wird lustig, halb sechs früh fährt der Zug, dafür muss ich um vier hier los mit Rad - wann soll ich dann aufstehen? Und wann muss ich schon ins Bett? Wtf XD
Um 21Uhr kann ich garantiert eh noch nicht pennen, damit ich um 3Uhr wieder auf bin. Mal sehen, was das wird o.ô
Vielleicht kann ich auch im Auto später bei wem auf'm Schoß schlafen oder so XD

So viel von der Front *wink* Bis die Tage, meine Finger jucken schon länger, endlich wieder Stifte anzupacken <.<

~ Winddancer
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Da die meisten, die es wissen sollten, Deutsch können, spare ich mir heute mal, das Journal auf Englisch zu machen ^^

Ich bin auf jeden Fall wieder da - "Zuhause", oder so. Da ich noch am selben Tag meiner Ankunft auf dem Praktikumspferdehof direkt einen Anruf hatte und einen Tag nach dem Vorstellungsgespräch den Ausbildungsplatz bekommen habe, ist nicht mehr viel mit Zuhause hier x3" Auch wenn ich es schade finde, da ich die Wohnung hier sehr mochte, aber finanziell sieht's eher schlecht aus, die zu halten. Darum ziehe ich in das Zimmer, was ich auf meinem zukünftigen Betrieb bekomme, und hier vollkommen aus.

Was das Praktikum angeht, es war klasse! Ich habe viel mitgenommen und eine solide Basis geschaffen, um nun meine Ausbildung anfangen zu können, jedoch war nicht viel mit Freizeit, freie Tage gab's gar nicht, darum ist es auch bei "nur" zwei Bildern geblieben, die heute und spätestens morgen noch hier on gehen (müssen noch fertig gemacht werden).
Mal sehen, wie das dann während der Ausbildung damit wird x3 Aber da werde ich ja definitiv meine freien Tage haben.

Aktuell steht hier viel zu organisieren an, Internet habe ich aber schon seit gestern, also wird mich niemand vermissen müssen ;) (Vielleicht leider, das kann sich jeder selbst aussuchen XD)
Dachte mir mal, wo ich hier eh schon werkel', ich könnte ja mal einen Folgebericht auf den letzten aufsetzen, vor allem auch für die, die meinen normalen Weblog nicht verfolgen... *jemanden scharf anguck*
Wie auch immer.

Ich mach' dann hier mal weiter, bis zum nächsten Mal.
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So, to you all here on dA watchin' me, I'm telling a bit further,
that I'm away from sunday the next four weeks, cause I'm doin' a practical course far away from home.

So in may there would be no new art, but as my freetime allows I'll draw much and upload it when I'm back ;)
Be prepared, it could be much. Maybe. Dunno how much freetime I will have besides the work there.
I should be back home roundabout the first june, maybe the fourth (monday).

Enjoy your spring and may,
see ya soon!

Your Winddancer. ~
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Aloa to you all x3

Yes, I'm just working on a big contest entry, but it's nearly finished, so in impulse I'm announcing that I will take commissions now.
Three Slots at a time, if I have more than one waiting, I'll choose order.

Since I need the money to live, I accept Euros only. If you live in Germany, I may send you the original if you want x3
If you're interested, note me.

Slot I - free
Slot II - free
Slot III - free
~ ~ ~

Art Status:

:bulletgreen: Commissions - open
:bulletyellow: Arttrades - open (ask me)
:bulletyellow: Requests - friends only
:bulletyellow: Collabs - open (ask me)
(I like to colour other outlines, but I also can draw it for other to colorate.)

~ * ~
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Good morning, world x3
I just looked over my profile and decided to correct asap the last (negative) journal entry.
(It's been over one month until now o.O)

Right at this moment I'm far away from home and the nearest I can be - with my girlfriend *___* Happy and lively.
A few hours left, but I'm enjoying to the full, til the very last moment.

And everything else? I'm drawing more, not enough, but it's okay for now x3
I'm playing my favourite (online) game and manage my life, sometimes with effort, other times I'm not happy about some things but it's up to me to change and get satisfied - I just have to do it finally.

Okay, and I'm adverting for my Commissions (they who want to know more, just write me a note ^^) again:
(text can also be found in my ID)

After so much fun with my last drawing, I decided to offer commissions.
At the moment I'm working on very old pictures, waiting for years, but when I'm done, I just would like you to answer me.

There will be three slots. When I have more than one, it can be, I'll do the second before the first, cause I like to, so be a bit patient.

Slot I - closed
Slot II - closed
Slot III - closed

~ ~ ~

Art Status:

:bulletred: Commissions - closed
:bulletyellow: Arttrades - open (with Delay)
:bulletyellow: Requests - friends only
:bulletgreen: Collabs - open
(I like to colour other outlines, but I also can draw it for other to colorate.)

~ * ~

Thank you for reading and listening x3

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