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There must be... a light... by Winddancer-Lor There must be... a light... by Winddancer-Lor

(alternative title: „sexy demon bitch“ - after telling him that I jumped directly into the next corner and prepared to die XD“)

I wrote down some thoughts two days ago and simply had this „you must draw – now!“-feeling, so the headline of the thoughts became the title and idea for this picture.

Well... The first and last picture of this beauty here so far is from 2010 and that was just a simple sketch. I was desperate to draw him again for many years now.

Have to say he was really surprised how realistic the drawing is :) And so am I. I'm really satisfied with the outcome, there's nothing more to say.

Except the clothes – he's wearing most time a simple blue jeans and a... purple... T-shirt. Hmm, yes. First thing I did was asking him wether I could draw something else. He's not the type for detailed clothes so this black top was okay for him and for me. (I designed something more special but after all it would have been not so fitting.)

// Special tribute to :iconwindspirit-aquaeris: - I wanted to work with „extreme“ light and remembered her awesome picture „Aquaeris vs. Timaethiyon“ (windspirit-aquaeris.deviantart… >> visit her!). The intention was: the light being reflected in its surrounding area – or: colour some areas with the colour of the light instead of the „real“ colour of the area.

It's some sort of trying things I never tried (you inspired me just to give it a try) and I've to say I'm happy with the way I discovered for my own style :) It's of course developable but a good start into this theme/subject.

Thank you! //

I really like the wings. Shading and 3-D effect are okay <3
Ah, I like all the shadings... Improvement inc. :)


This picture is all in all a big BIG thank you to its owner Clavitas. For everything you did for me the last days and weeks, my friend. And I know you'll say „You don't need to thank me“, but YES, I DO, just the way I am. I'm thanking a lot and you won't get out of this without anything >: )

And thank you again for all the years we know each other now and we've been through. With all ups and downs, on both sides. It'll be six years in autumn, huh?

Dunno what my life would look like without your presence – maybe it'll be a bit darker. Everytime remembering our first encounter, I need to smile. Thank you.

Sketch: 2-3h

Colour: 6-8h

Clavitas (c) by himself

Drawing (c) by me, :iconlorcorulimlug1516:

> Whoever dares to steal, neither had an own dream, nor an own life.<

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February 24, 2015
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